The Ultimate Ground Power Unit

As a trailblazer in ground power solutions, StartStick introduces a new era of portable power units designed to revolutionize the way you approach ground operations. Our ultra-lightweight and patented 28V Portable/Stowable Ground Power Unit, powered by high-power Li-Ion (“Nanophosphate™”) cells, sets a new standard in reliability, convenience, and versatility. Whether you operate helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, or ground vehicles, StartStick is your trusted partner, providing advanced solutions for a seamless and efficient mission experience. 

StartStick’s Ground Power Unit Advantages

Designed to elevate your operations, StartStick introduces a suite of versatile benefits that redefine how industries approach ground power solutions.

Unrivaled Portability

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Effortless Operation

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Durable and Resilient

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Revolutionary Power

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Patents: USD817868S1 | USD820204S1 | USD820203S1 | US63637265

StartStick for Commercial Applications

Helicopter Ground Power Unit (GPU)

StartStick’s GPU ensures daily peace of mind for helicopter operations. Used for the first start, it extends battery life, reduces costs, and weighs just 10-20 pounds.

Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

Become your own mobile FBO with StartStick’s GPU, improving efficiency, autonomy, and lowering operating costs. Many report extended battery life.

StartStick for Military Applications

Military Helicopter and Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

For military air operations, StartStick redefines ground power. From remote bases to critical missions, ensure reliability and autonomy, optimizing overall operational costs.

Military Ground Vehicle Ground Power Unit (GPU)

Prioritize safety and operational efficiency in the field with StartStick’s advanced GPU and tailored kits, designed to withstand the demands of military ground operations.

Why Choose StartStick


Did you know that the genesis of StartStick traces back to a real-life experience? One of our founders, Scott Urschel, an avid helicopter operator, found himself in a challenging situation in a remote location due to battery failure. Dissatisfied with the quality of existing start packs available on the market, Scott and others embarked on a mission to create something better. Their vision materialized into StartStick.

When you choose StartStick, you’re not just investing in a ground power unit; you’re investing in a solution forged from necessity, passion, and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

  • Preferred Choice in Aerospace and Defense

    StartStick is the preferred GPU with 2,500+ units deployed globally. Trusted by leading OEMs like Airbus and elite forces such as the US Special Operations Aviation, the US Air Force, and allied forces.

  • Quality of Product

    StartStick stands out with a patented design that epitomizes intelligence and efficiency. Our commitment to quality ensures that every StartStick unit is built to exceed industry standards, providing our customers with the most reliable and innovative ground power unit.

  • Easily Accessible

    StartStick enjoys a global presence, reaching industries and applications worldwide. Our broad market reach enhances visibility, accessibility, and ensures a robust customer support infrastructure.

  • Exclusive Focus on GPU

    Unlike competitors with broader product lines, StartStick is exclusively dedicated to Ground Power Units. This focused dedication allows us to sharpen our expertise and deliver unparalleled solutions.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    We prioritize our customers by actively listening to their needs. Our small and nimble structure allows us to swiftly incorporate feedback, ensuring a customer-centric approach that fosters continuous improvement and responsiveness to the dynamic needs of the aviation and defense industry.

  • Certifications and Compliance

    StartStick has achieved certification to MIL-STD-810H and UNDOT 38.3 standards, meeting the rigorous requirements set by the military.

Proudly Serving Our Clients Around the Globe